1. Got a SKY kit, does that mean I am on Team SKY now? Just kidding!

    When I got the E-mail from Rapha that the Team SKY stuff was going on sale for 50% off. I was super stoked. Why was I so stoked? Because SKY is my favorite team! People are going to think or say “SKY is just your favorite team because they won the Tour this year and last year… blah blah blah.” Well thats not the reason why they’re my favorite team. One reason is when I started looking into racing and watching the Tour, They were the team that stood out the most to me. I did research on their team as well. They’ve come a long way and had many days in the saddle for hours. Also seeing all of them work together in the races really inspires me as well. Every time I see them do well or win any race online, It always motivates me to just jump on my bike as soon as possible and ride as hard and as long as I could. Maybe evening turn it up a notch when I’m riding this. They will always be my favorite team til the end, and I will still trying to represent them as much as I could. I have a lot more much to talk about. In the end, they are one of my major motivators in cycling and also my favorite cycling team.